We went on 102.7 Da Bomb!

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There are days that are relaxing and nothing really happens.  Then, there are says like this!  I first met Steezy at an event I did at Ko’olina.  He was the emcee of the event, and walked over to pick up some O.G. Taro, we talked for a bit and he loved the donuts.  Fast forward a few weeks, and I wake up to my phone buzzing non-stop and my niece texted me to congratulate me for being on the radio, of course I was confused, I log on to check my Instagram (@hauolipastry) to find 60 new followers in 30 minutes!  Turns out they were talking about my Mochisadas on 102.7!  The show Keola and Rella in the morning, runs from 6 to 10am I believe.  I was blown away, I searched up Steezy (follow him at @krystilez) and send I’m a huge mahalo.  I offer to drop off Mochisadas as a thank-you to the crew.  He says “come down around 8:30am and we’ll put you on for an interview”.  The rest is history.  It was an amazing experience for me and my kids.  They are a class act and I owe them my gratitude!

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