Fundraise with Us

Chef John started baking for himself last year to raise funds for his son’s tuition.  Recently, he thought, “Why not help others fundraise?” We would be happy to support your sports team, student org, PTSO, or other group that you need to raise funds for.


Our Taro mochisadas are great for raising funds.  Interested?  Give John a call during normal business hours at (808) 627-5676 and set up your fundraiser.



Mochisadas individually boxed by the dozen

Dozens of mochisadas ready to goTaro Mochisada Fundraising Details:

The fundraiser allows your group to pre-sell tickets for a box of 1 dozen (12) taro flavored mochisadas at the price point you determine.

Hau’oli Pastry charges $10 per dozen, with a 50 dozen minimum for fundraisers.

Fundraiser organizers are responsible for making their own tickets; Hau’oli Pastry will provide logos and photos to use on the tickets.

Mochisadas will be delivered at the predetermined time(s) and location in stamped, taped pastry boxes, with a wax or foil paper lining.

The fundraiser delivery date(s) will be scheduled according to the organization’s needs and the Hau’oli Pastry schedule.  For large orders, more than one pickup date may be required.

Payment for the total number of tickets sold is due in full one week before the first delivery date (ex. 50 tickets sold = $500 due; 75 tickets sold = $750 due).  This is to ensure that Chef John is able to purchase the exact amount of ingredients required for the amount of mochisadas sold.

Inquire about “live frying” options, similar to an Open Market setup, for same day fundraising.  Give John a call during regular business hours at (808) 627-5676 to set up your fundraiser.