Fundraise with Us

Chef John started baking for himself in 2016 to raise funds for his son’s tuition. He then thought, “Why not help others fundraise?” We would be happy to support your sports team, student org, PTSO, community fundraiser, or other group that you need to raise funds for.

Our Taro mochisadas are a popular fundraising idea, and the whole organization can get involved.  Interested?  Give John a call during normal business hours at (808) 627-5676 and set up your fundraiser.


Mochisadas individually boxed by the dozen
Dozens of mochisadas ready to go

Mochisada Fundraising Details:

The fundraiser allows your group to pre-sell tickets for a box of 1 dozen (12) taro flavored mochisadas at the price point you determine, usually $20 per box.

Hau’oli Pastry charges the organization $15 per dozen, with a target of 50 dozen at minimum for fundraisers.

With enough time for pre-sales, Hau’oli Pastry will provide tickets in packs of 100, 150, 200, and so forth.

The fundraiser delivery date(s) will be scheduled according to the organization’s needs and the Hau’oli Pastry schedule.  For large orders, more than one pickup date may be required.

Payment for the total number of tickets sold is due in full one week before the first delivery date (ex. 50 tickets sold = $750 due; 100 tickets sold = $1500 due).  This is to ensure that Chef John is able to purchase the exact amount of ingredients required for the amount of mochisadas sold.

For the most delicious experience, “live frying” is the best option, and can include same-day sales. You might instead arrange a drop off of a pre-determined number of boxes.  Give John a call during regular business hours at (808) 627-5676 to partner with your organization for a delicious and unique fundraiser.