hat is a mochisada?

A mochisada is our name for a mochi donut made in the style of the Portuguese malasada. Unlike the popular Portuguese treat, mochisadas are made using mochi.

Mochi is made from a sticky, short grained rice. It was once traditionally made in Japan by pounding the rice in a ceremony, celebrating the lunar new year. Mochi became popular in California and Hawaii, where a number of savory and sweet dishes are made with mochiko, or rice flour.

Malasadas are made from a fried yeast dough ball rolled in sugar, popular throughout Hawai’i. The donuts were brought to Hawai’i from the Madeira and Azores islands by Portuguese plantation workers.

Our mochisadas are fried in vegetable oil until they are golden brown and slightly crispy on the outside, and then rolled in sugar. They can be enjoyed in two bites.

Currently, we are making plain mochisadas and taro mochisadas, which are a slight purple-gray color signifying the kalo root that flavors it. Chef John is currently experimenting with different flavors, and maybe even chantilly filling!

Customers can order mochisadas by the dozen for pickup in Kapahulu. Mochisadas are made to order for each customer, one dozen at a time.

Taro Mochisada in the Fryer
Plain mochisadas boxed A Dozen Taro Mochisadas Boxed